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Lecture 10

ANT347 Lecture 10 Urban planning and health of city.pdf

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University of Toronto St. George
Sharon Kelly

Lec 10 Urban planning and health of city November19131211 PMTodays PresentationsNew York Through racial lens concrete jungleGlobal city space economic portions use city space Wall StreetRacial space visible ethnic minorities contested cityLowe foster certain behaviorsgentrificationBerlinAccumulative and planned citiesAccumulated from past political and economic frontsWW2Berlin Wall JFK speech symbolism freedom and imprisonmentMidterm10 short answer705 questions on readings drawn from study guide question some variations5 questions on lecture notesslides1 essay question30Choice of 2Same structure asking broader question about a theme thats been discussed in course over more than one week Apply the concepts to readings Use examples from readingsclass discussionsReadings for next week will not be on testNext weeks class will dedicated to review come with questionsLectureModernityage when being up to date is highly valuedFascinated with the newApplication of scientific knowledgeRationalizationCity planssites where modern vision of city explicitly represented and displayedBirds eye view world trade centerGaze of urban planners and capitalist class with the intent to control the cityArticles for todayboth about city planningFocus on health of the city and its environment Shift from emphasis on critique of modernity modernist imagining and ordering to a focus on Foucaults idea of BiopoliticsRepresenting the shift of emphasis of anthro scholarship on biopoliticalShift in thinking mirrors what is happening in the urban
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