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Lecture 11

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Sharon Kelly

Midterm next week Tuesday in classLec 11 Review November26131213 PM2 epochs of the citymetropolisIndustrial cityways people experience that city organized in economic terms role in national economy issues around planning as modern projectA whole set of concerns related to this kind of cityWhole sets of ideas around modernization How it will influence politics public politics civic politicsNot fixed but a set of concerns that surrounded the industrial city and postindustrial cityTransformation into a more contemporary metropolisGlobal economy ideologies around bioregions greening sustainability idea of creative city In the readings move from older text to more recent textshift in the kinds of questions that are posed about the cityShift in theoretical conceptsDiscoursesShifts in methodology people use to study the city Globalized city Modern cityAccumulation citySpatial practicesLook at all the concepts and questions they all gravitate one or the other poleUnderstanding the city as it was in early 20thc when urban studies beganUnderstanding the city today globalized cityModern cityRepresentedHow people experience life hereForms of discipline can be used to understand the polarity Grand era of progress Diff between modern and postmodernGrand overarching narratives Storyline of progress of modernization Away from village livesAway from rural way of doing thingsTo a new kind of socialorganizationcultureDurkheimDiff kinds of solidarity social solidarity that existed in villages mechanic vs solidarity in cities organic social division of laborChange in the social cohesion with urbanizationEmbrace of certain kind of economy feudalisticcapitalistic econTo become rational urbanistic Urbanization hoped to lead to development Cities were seen as a kind of place where you could affect social changeUrbanize people will start thinking more modernless traditional this is seen as a disciplinary ideaDiff between modern and postmodern cityPostmodernism and postmodernityPostmodernismmovement like a socialartistic movement eg architecture film academiaDeemed as affirmationAesthetic of fragmentationNo sitstraight narratives of conventional narrativeseg film Momento the film is fragmented only understand after putting pieces altogetherWorking against convention of what beauty is Buildings are now built in a way that does not look like it is rational and logical and solideg OCAD ROM AGOFragmented nonfunctional aestheticFunctionalism part of bureacracyYou can see the diff in the buildings about the ways in which landscape in which postmodern cities are diffOld boundaries of public and private is no longer cleareg whats a mall Its kinda bothPostmodernityepochWork of postmodernists that made it an epoch2 main theoriesThe conditions of knowledge have changed eg end of grand narratives in social theory focus on ilanguage as being extremely important as a mode of analysisSee a change in how people are writing about cities How and where discourse of crime appearFocus on discoursechange in the condition of knowledgeRelated to work of Sean Francois Leotard Political economy has changed organization of economic production and the way in which labor is iiseen in this process has changed Term 1 Lectures Page 1
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