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Lecture 10

ANT Lecture 10

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University of Toronto St. George
Hillary Cunningham

ANT110 – Lecture 10 – November 22, 2011 Akira Kurosawa 1910-1998 - in his 70s some directors he had influenced, went to him - he influenced directors greatly - he had always struggled with resources (never had lot of money to produce films) - Lukas, and Scorsese offered him the opportunity to make a film about whatever he wanted with all their resources and money - Kurosawa made a movie about Dreams (vignettes = short films) 1. Naturalization A concept that attempts to address the practice in relationship to nature that connects our own identities to a chunk of nature - to make a powerful claim to a “chunk” of nature Soil, land, water – a space and a place Marker of social identity, corporate belonging and legitimacy The creek – and the tunnels down the dead-end road We have emotional/spiritual connections to these spaces and places Associate that with a particular group of friends – or solitary/meditative Illicit things happen in those places too (porn and drugs) Localized concepts = people do not experience nature in the same way – they have varieties of experiences with nature, and these are constantly shifting and changing - thinking about how your relationships may change when you go back to those places later as an adult Notion of Naturalization really comes to play is in thinking about the nation state – often an area where a large corporate social identity is associated with a particular landscape (ex. United States associated with the western landscape in The Searchers) – looking at the “American Frontier” it becomes the dominant l
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