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Lecture 11

Anthro Lecture 11 Notes

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Hillary Cunningham

ANT 110 – Lecture – November 29, 2011 Film: Babette’s Feast You have to remove yourself from nature in order to be more rational – think about how the film is playing with that How we celebrate community, transition in a community Watch the entire film (Danish) Pay attention to the community and how they are regarding food in terms of their spirituality and bodies Martina and Philippa They eat the same thing everyday and they prepare it the same way every time Then Babette wants to throw a French dinner The sisters think that she is going to poison them and that Babette is evil One of the sisters asks all the members not to comment on the taste of the food Babette’s Feast 1989 Puritan community – to deny yourself the vanities of life so that you could be closer to god. You don’t want to be distracted from the ultimate end by indulging. Contrast with the French culture, and the arts are distractions Embodiment: - Puritan, - Mind/Body Dualism - Wine - The general killed Babette’s family, then celebrated her at the dinner (all encompassing kind of mercy) - The last meal represents the last supper (communion / Eurcharist) - People will be brought together by food - Cana – wedding at Cana (run out of wine, then Jesus turns water into wine/ his first miracle) - The first miracle of Jesus is turning water into wine at a party - It’s the wine that is the blood of Christ that brings people together So it’s playing on a dualism by saying that the Purit
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