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ANT100 SEPTEMBER 28 2011 LECTURE 2 PRINCIPLES OF EVOLUTION Looking at underlying causes of what mendel saw Check out the links at the end of the assigned chapters understand it is only one of five chapters 5 on this lecture going on inside of you and anything else Understand microevolution and macroevolution cladogramModern synt of evolution taking Darwin and including phenotypes genes and populations which is a species that can reproduceFirst part is how dna and dna produce proteinThe cell cells make up everything except for gametes with cell there is other structures we care about nucleus which dna and genetic info isAll gene info in chromosomes H is a molecule wraped up together unwind is long strand of dna one gen to next Dna is acronym molecule stores genetic info twisted latter outside very strong inside is not so strong inside only 4 bases adenine guanine thymine cytosine from tiniest to biggest a to t c to gRna cousin of dna looks like rna does lots one side of dna molecule dna helix rna half rna how proteins are formed how genes are expressed recently behavior influence genes on or off lot more fluidity works with cell the ribisome where protein Is made transport amino acids some we get from eating some we makeDna and rna What is a protein not just structure but shape of protein as well bunch of amino acids joined together each protein certain function determined by dna dna is blueprint to make protein and nucleus is head officeHow to blue print to cytoplasm rna comes inProtein is building block of life Transcriptionunwinds dna rna copies that side and rna is mrna messenger not exact copy but mirror image does opposite mrna leaves nucleus and goes to cytoplasmOn mrna are codons way of reading sequence 3 amino acids in mrna rna 3 same baseballs changes thymine to uracil typo p27 supposed to be UUAACGAUG one codon key to one amino acid
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