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ANT100 OCTOBER 6 2011 LECTURE 3 PRIMATE BEHAVIOR AND ECOLOGYIS A TYPE OF RNA THAT IS USED IN THE CELL TO COPY THE DNA CODE FOR USE IN PROTEIN SYNTHESIS ANSWER IS MRNA OR MESSENGER RNA COPIES ONE SIDE OF DNA STRAND THE RESULT OFIS THAT GENETIC INFORMATION ENCODED IN DNA IS TRANSFERRED TO THETRANSCRIPTIONRNAPrimates in the movies like king kong Not pets not actors outside of zoo ripped from family as an infant have to kill all adults in the group and fed milk and rice shipped in crates 50 percent die in transit 100 to 1 for every baby nd2 issue grow up not to be cute or cuddly powerful intelligent animals belong in the forestPrimate characteristics mammals warm blooded hair and feeding milkDid what monkeys do and poo everywhere has virus if they bite you dont effect themMammals can regulate the body temperature through physiology means warm blooded Primate from a mammal not only one thing a suite of characters a bunch of things grasping hands and feet collar bone or clavicle radius in ulna from the wrist they cross over each other have eyes toward front of skull eyes send info produce stereoscopic imaging judge image of distance very goodPrimate activity pattern 4 activity patterns nocturnal animal awake at night diurnal awake during day sleep at night crepuscular active at dawn and dusk cathemeral active night or day depending on the seasons small eyes day big night Primate taxonomy two main divisions the strepsirhini and the the haplorhiniWho primates are strips how to tell look at the teeth the dental tooth comb the lower teeth actually form a pick for groom moist ehinarium a moist nose samples the air for bacteria and other volatile compounds strong sense of smell unfused mandibular and frontal symphases the jaw joint in front no squiqqly line front bone is forehead no line in strip line tapetum lucidem series of cells in back of eye like a reflector refocus light greater vision in the dark postorbital bar back not enclosed in bone just a bar Two families the lemur and loris Lemur only found in Madagascar all lemur lives except few which were brought boreal live in trees all 4 limbs quadraped partially terrestrial some come to ground many small female dominance small are nocLoris in sunsaharan Africa some in se asia like strip and lemur boreal quads nocturnal
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