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University of Toronto St. George

ANT100 NOVEMBER 24 2011 LECTURE 4 NEW IDEAS NEW WORLDSThe Paleolithic last week lower middle and upper crom magnin anatomically correct humans in EuropeNew ideas and new worlds catch all origins of food production new worlds figurative sense and practical looking at settlingColonization of australias and Americas is in the paleolitic 40kya in aussie 15 in Americas waves of human like making way lot of water drawn up on land with glacier sea levels diminished during plasteceone nw aussi light yellow today land masses darker before Made way to se asia to Australia via water craft 40kya Australia colonization of aussi by at least 40kya by watercraft willandra lakes se Australia nsw new south wales earliest evidence for cremation mungo laday ca 40kya nearby ochre burial of mungo man also 40kya not something unique to aussi The first Americans some debate as to when people first arrived in the Americas arch evidence ca 15 to 13kya likelymore then 1 migration beringia landmass linking ne asia with Alaska now under the bering sea passage south by 14kyaice free corridor means they crossed some say by foot pasteocene glaciers pull up water sea and lake levels dropped exposing landmass people used a watercraft problems migration of foot arch evidence below bering sea3 images show breakage of beringia in yellow is submerged landmass migrating herds of caribou 15kya 10kya diminished peringia submerged at that time 15 and 13 kya foot or watercraft along margins Reasons not see evidence of humans Americas bc long before ice sheet started to melt not move south bc blocked 2 ice sheets after 14kya started to melt passage opens up between the two rocky mountains and mckenzie river groups could move south The first Americas paleoindians dated between ca 13500 and 8000 ya for many years taught paleoindians first group to inhabit and colonize the Americas famous for fluted point technology called as clovis point named after site in new mexico first found originally ass with big game hunting now believed they also took bison and caribou fish sea mammals depending on where they were took anything available to them in coastal fishing and sea mammals other regions bison and caribou nto on a large mega farm opportunistic and very mobilesettled in a diverse array of environments one region to another for game or resources example salmon run certain time of year moved on to colonize continental us and southern CanadaSelection of clovis points distinctive small thin flake removed at the base that is the flute evidence of the skill take 3045 min to make flute last thing to make precison thin flake from both sides fluted makes base thin insert in heads of spear
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