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University of Toronto St. George

ANT100 OCTOBER 27 2011 TUTORIALS ARER MADIATORY AND SCHEDULE ON WEBSITE WORKSHOPS NOVEMBER 9 10 11 1012 122 24 WRITING CENTER Archeological dating and data Chris watts Doing of archeological and what they do end of second hour dating techniques relative and absolute date Elevated lit and fig and take among faces of figuresof Christ and dante if only looking at select part Come up with naaratives of past only have select items sell items missing out of everyday commoner as common as butter on museum quality pieces Data component walk through common terms archeologists use in everyday practice the methods the doing The archeological record matrix find stuff of everyday life human man features or past human actions are found misconcetions stuff below ground much is within round below surface not all sites are below ground term culture landscapes cultural note remorse from natureCoincidence choc canyon in sw usaththChaco phenomenom complex of sites nw new mexico sites still exist sites occupied 11 12 century trade and exchange between people they articulate with stuff far away 650 km cultural landscape not buried red dotes sites occupied complex series of roads connect these small depression in landscape marked by boulders are cultural landscapes do exist 3 typ elements of arch researchObserved material culture museum above below gorund observe traces of past human activity use material cultureUnobserved past humannonhuman activity means to an end not an end in itself take and say something about nobserved human or non human activity use arch data ex site on flood plain near river use presence of sites document formation of flood plain non human activity take stuff and say something Interpretation of past human activityor explanation process tell story of the pastinterp of these activities not explain bc of preservation reflexivity what we bring on own background remind privledged upbringing similar interpretations with indigenous different explanationnever one true past
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