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ANT100 JANUARY 26 2012 Language culture prejudiceNature vs nuture How much nature how much nurture this course more of nutureWhat we did last time Adaptation nurture vs nature adapt better in evo senseHuman universals and divisions similarities and language culture differencesPrejudeice racism ethnocentrismAnthropology and imperialism history initially to study thisnot done anthropology and ethnocentrism cultural relativismDutch anthro worked for govt but who made go against ethnocentrism was by anthropologist SIGNIFYING REALITY HOW SIGNS CONSTRUCT THE WORLDsignification making sense making signsWe communicate by making signsLinguistic and non linguistic signsLinguistic sign is every word that he says words are signs and language is a signsystemThe nature of signs signifier and signifiedsymbol icon indexdenotation and connotationtwo meanings signs haveHow signs construct realityHow we construct our self not think of yourself as who you are no sense of self not know you are individual distinct from othersHomo sapienshuman that knows Knowing making sense reflecting representing how things make sense to you To make senseto signify signify attention means to use signs to make something into signsStudy of signs signifying semioticsStudy of language linguisticsLinguistics is part of semiotics because words are also signs language is system of signs Semiotics is the study oflanguage linguistics and other signssemiotics proper A classic saussurean view of signification Ferdinand de Saussure 18571913Swiss scholar never published anything Students wrote down book of hissignifier and signified Winding road sign it shows ahead
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