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Lecture 1

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Gary Coupland

LECTURE 1October 22 2009 Introduction to Evolution What is Evolutionary AnthropologyThe application of modern evolutionary theory to studies of the morphology ecology and behaviour Five Research Disciplines1 Primatologynonhuman primates from descriptions of primate anatomy through field studies of wild animals to investigations of primate psychology 2 Paleoanthropologybiological evolution of human and nonhuman primates who we are where we came from evolutionary history of behaviour in human and nonhuman primates 3 Human Variationspatial and temporal variations in human features ex Geographic and climatic variations in body size skin colour and eye colour 4 Medical Anthropologyhow social environmental and biological factors influence health and illness of individuals at community regional national and global levels 5 Forensic Anthropologyfocuses only on skeletal remains of humans seek to determine age sex stature ancestry etc Hows Research ConductedScientific method State problem Gather information Form a hypothesis Test hypothesis Record and analyze data State the conclusion Repeat the workStanley Got Few Trophies Racing Slow RabbitsEvolutionary anthropology is grounded in the scientific methodPiece together history of the evolutionary theoryCarolus Linnaeus 17071778First comprehensible system for living thingsused rigorous classification system Each plant and animal was named as a separate species Species grouped on basis of physical aspectsBinomial Nomenclaturefirst letter of genus capitalized Homo and species designation always lower case sapiensoffset text by writing in italics or underlining NOT an Evolutionist Scala Naturea or Natures ladderyoung earth created on afternoon of October 23 4004 BCcataloguing Gods great workGod created all on those 6 daysDivine Creation Fixity of Species
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