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Lecture 2

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Gary Coupland

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THLECTURE 2MARCH 4 2010 Relativsm challenges ethnocentrism 1 By showing that other cultures do make sense in their own terms 2 By challenging and undermining claims to cultural superiority ExampleTurkish Villages using agricultural metaphors for sexIn a patrilineal society premarital sex is a big issueRelativism does not mean we accept these views but does cause us to take pauseEmily MartinWell known anthropologist of scienceThe egg and the sperm o Analyses stories in science of how the sperm fertilizes the egg ie the narration in sexed videos o These videos consistently describe fertilization as a romance novel when there is no scientific reason to do soSperm portrayed as the conquering hero that penetrates the female while the egg is the conquered maiden that is saved by being penetrated by the spermth4 example of cultural difference Decision of circumcision Janice Fhodywritten about female circumscision among people of the SudanThis is a very contentious issueUnderstanding is different than condoning o She has come under attack for trying to understandFGM is closely linked with male circumcision and is tied to lifecycle processes o FGM is supposed to signify a coming of ageShe also found that it is a comprehensible practice and is not meant for tortureOne of the arguments against FGM is thatbecause you are cutting off the clitoris you are taking away womens ability to have pleasureo the same claim has been made about male circumscisionCritiques of ethnocentrism are not always easy to acceptExample Human rightswhat do you think about human rights in the context of human relativismWhat is a working definition of culture pg 136Good Anthropology Divesting yourself of the accumulated layering of uncontested propositions that we get from going around in life Culture bound diseases Aihwa OngWomen in Mayalasia as these countries were industrialized were subjected to two powers their fathers and their bosses They had 2 different set of demandsFranz Boaz culture is the lens through which we see the world Durkheim classificationLeme Stros Classification is a binary logic unification of the mind minds as computers we are always seeking to understands
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