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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto St. George
Gary Coupland

ANT Lecture 11310Clifford Geertz y In order for us to understand a culture we need to understand all the layers of meaning eg the blink or the cough which have many different meaningsResearch methods y Ethnographic Fieldwork o Aims to describe in graphic detail the social life of a particular group o People who practice this are ethnographers o Surveys interviews questionnaires etco Participant ObservationParticipating in the everyday activities while also observing o Famous fieldworkersBronislaw Malinowski y Developed the extended fieldworkEE EvansPritchardMargret Meeds o Famous Armchair AnthropologistsJames FrazerLucien LeviBruhlClaude LeviStraussWhat is culture in an age of globalization y Salvage Anthropology the type of anthropology that happened in Avatar o Romanticized native culturesNoble Savage a fantasy about small0scale societies in which people are thought to live in an idyllic state of moral purityArjun Appadurai y Based at NYU y Author of Modernity at Large y Says globalization is o Ethnoscapes o Technoscapes o Mediascapes o Ideoscapes o FinancescapesGeorge Marcus y Currently teaches at Rice University y Founded the journal Cultural Anthropology y shared cosmologieshave become attenuated fragmented interpenetrated by a pervasive culture
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