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Lecture 5

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University of Toronto St. George
Gary Coupland

Lecture 5 thMarch 25 2010 Last week Hawaiian kinship did not have separate words for mother and auntTheory of substance relations almost every cultural understanding of kinship depends on the theory of what connect children to their parents HouseholdNuclear family or some other unitDayak Longhouse large buildings where consisting of a large extended kin group living under one roofCanadian kinship neolocal not patrilocal matrilocal uxorilocal virolocal avunculocal Quality of relationshipsAffective relations live love between husband and wife vs Love between sister and brotherPatriarchal relationsthe way in which we characterize relationship in such a way that males have some power over the femaleHypergyny in some casesNormative vs ActualMarriage rules and preferencesIncest taboo prohibition on incest depends on who is considered pat of the essential familial group generalized exchange and marriage in a circle are examples to avoid incest taboo These can also reinforce status relationships for the circle example because the lower social class has to provide a wife to a higher social class and exogamyMonogamyHypergamy ideal for someForces of changeEconomy economic determinism Forces families to move in together and readapt Changing economy circumstances can have an effect on kinship relationsPoliticsLawTechnology How do new reproductive technologies denaturalize the nuclear familyTechnologies challenge conventional family relations are constitutedEx two males being able to father children through surrogate mothers
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