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Linguistic Anthropology Lecture 1

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Ivan Kalmar

LinguisticSemiotic Anthropology Lecture 1Culture Not determined in our genes We learn it and transmit it to each other typically through language Language also divides us among each other It helps us label each other Even the very cultural idea of the kind of divisions that there are among people is decided Dividedby language How different people are is fundamental to the history of anthropology Who are other people how are we to understand them Language Culture and Prejudice Nature vs Nurture What is not constituted by our genes We will be discussing nurture similar to culture Adaptation How Homo sapiens adapts so easily mostly bc of our cultures Human universals and divisions The ability to have a culture and a language are human universals What about the divisions and the differences Prejudice racism ethnocentrism Anthropology and imperialism history Anthropology started in the west and it dealt with the differences between western vs onwestern people It started during imperialism when countries like England rules land outside the western world Anthropology vs ethnocentrism Ethnocentrism looking at the world through the point of view of your culture Cultural relativism Can we say that one language or culture is more sophisticated advanced evolved than another You cant judge another culture because they are equal cultural relativist point of view Learning Resources Ivan Kalmar Prof The notes will be online free Web site Linked to each lecture title isarey Broad lecture summaryy Termsy Power point presentation will not be on the Web
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