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Linguistic Anthropology Lecture 2

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University of Toronto St. George
Ivan Kalmar

Anthropological Linguistics and Semiotics Lecture 2y Signifying Reality How Signs Construct the World LanguageCulture Prejudice review Nature vs Nurture Adaptation Human universals and divisions Prejudice racism and ethnocentrism Anthropology and imperialism history not done anthropology and ethnocentricism cultural relativism Signifying Reality How Signs Construct the World Signification making sense making signs How we make sense of things Linguistic and nonlinguistic signs An example of a linguistic signy All words including and and the An example of a nonlinguisticy Stop sign The nature of signs Signifiers and signifiedy Signifier is the stop sign and the signified is the command that you should stop Symbol icon indexy The three types of signs Denotation and connotationy The meanings that signs haveHow signs help us toconstruct reality How we construct our self We wouldnt think of ourselves as I or Leore or whatever your name is if you your self wasnt constructed for you by language Homo sapienshuman that knows Knowingmaking sense reflecting representing To make senseto signify signify Signify means to use signs For something to make sense it has to involve such things as presenting representing thinking and thats where signification comes in Study of signs or of signifying semiotics Study of language language Linguistics is part of semiotics Because words are always signs they are part of the broader language system The study of both language and of other signs Semiotics is the study of languagelinguistics other signs semiotics proper A Classic Saussurean View of Signification
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