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Linguistic Anthropology Lecture 3

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Ivan Kalmar

Linguistic Anthropology Lecture 3 The Forms of Language Outline If we did not have language we would not understand ourselves as a typical human being does Our cells renew themselves all the time not one of the cells in your body were there 7 years ago and many of the ideas and knowledge you have now you didnt have before What makes you think youre the same as you were 5 minutes ago yesterday 10 years ago Its linguistics that gives us the sense of separation from others and the sense of self while its also used to communicate to bridge the lonely separation between you and other people It also helps you to know that the kinds of things you think and believe in others do as well Culture a set of shared assumptions What is language really like Apparently linguistics isnt as cool as archaeologyand today we go over the most boring part of linguistics Really Linguistics is awesome Levels of linguistic language form Discourse analysis Text and Context Syntax sentence structure Morphology words and their structure Phonology the sound systemsPhonemesAllophones Learning Resources The assigned readings Wikipedia and the Internet Kalmar apparently goes to Wikipedia before a library dats messed upth Books in the P section 12 floor at Robarts The levels of language The highest level in linguistics is textstudied is discourse analysis
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