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ANT100 FEBUARY 9 2012 Language culture actually society and freedomDog dance with language and society and freedomLanguage separates and unites us classify the world and classify us as separate beingsRaces not distinct units it allows us to labelLanguage enables us to feel to know what your thoughts are Assume psyche similar bc use language and understand translate mental world into ur mental worldMan taught human to dance using language and teach dog without language but in dogs mental world the dance means same thing as to the man same result produced by different mental set up dogs go to get food bc of operant conditioning not bc of rhythm Today abput conformity fact we obey and confirm dog known to obey to slavishHow do humans obey and confirm Why not people who starve go and take things Why confirm when no one is looking ContdLanguage and signifying behavior in general limits what we can say think and doCant communicate easily beyond our language to say it have to have a word they are limited reality continuum into units into raceConfirm to world the language createsOften below the level of our consciousnessLimiting innovation preserves the social order Has to way it is no way to change it And can be hegemonic mean if elicits conformity give willing consentSo how free we are on spite our mental word is goverened by language which can limiting to thoughts and communicationLecture themesLanguage varieties 1 Languages dialects and language ideologies influence what people think of as a language and what think of as a dialect2 Social variation accents sociolects variety of language reflect social class registers varieties of language depending on formality Hegemony thee approaches 1 Manufacturing consentidea powerful forces manufacture consent2 Conformity and resistance happens both consent and resistance3 Incorporation rebel against powerful incorpaorate the rebellion hip hop non conforming but same time big business incorporated in music industry society assimaltes it is a thing of liberal capitalist society
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