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ANT100Y1 FEBRUARY 16 2012 THE WHORFIAN HYPOTHESISA The counter argument Plato c 427 bce poverty of stimulus language is an innate biologicial endowmentWe come with everything we know not from environment but from the mind Noam Chomsky 1928universal grammer or innatist hypothesis many linguists looking for genesWe come with grammer capacity all environment does is set it off and we speakGene called FPXP2 evidence that a specific language impairment seems to be passed on involving word inflections and complex syntax But to quote Burling 2005148149Language imapriment can be passed onFoxp2 should not be considered a language gene however thousands other genes are believed to contribute to building the human brain Two couples on point perfect iq two women are pregnant give birth together a boy and a girl all 4 adults fall overboard she wolf comes by picks them up Chomsky say they need to be exposed to language other ways that language does not have to innate shows how powerful culture history are b background to the WH Juice episode with my grandson 0 make juice for him called it juice cat named pumpkin sitting on couch looks at him points at cat and said juice nothing innate never heard cat called juice what he did observe a quality in one area extracted property and moved and named it Childeren dont know moon what they call it they may call it ball we are creative beings vocal speechVon HumboldtThe central fact of language is that speakers can make infinite use of the finite resources provided by their language Though the capacity for language is universal the individuality of each language is a property of the people who speak it Every language has its innere spracliform ir internal structure which determines its outer form ans which is a refelction of its speakers minds the language and the thought of a people are thus inseperableFounders of anthro and in Columbia live by this hypothesisSpeaker asarah is a good person
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