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ANT100 MARCH 1 2012 SOCIAL CULTURE ANTHROPOLGYUnderstand contrmparoy societies or cultures around the world Socio culturelaUnlike bio antnat and bio facts of human life and evoArchancient societies and civMore like ling antrolanguage and meaning but broader focuses on social org and culture of which language is a part Intellectual focusWhy soccult anthropologists do what they doEthnography challenges us to think differently other ways of being humanThink outside the lives we were raisedWe are commited to the intellectual and often ethical work ofDecenteringDeconstructing DenaturalizingThat which is taken for granted as true What we are doing is stepping out of granted world and look at world from outside and use standpoint to look at other societies Rethink what is natural and normalJacques derrida 19302004l three ruptures in western thought 1 copernican revo usher period of scientific revo discovery the sin does not revolve around the earth but sun major shift in thinking paradigm shift in people thoughts about themselves changed earth was center of universe and decenter our thinking as larger cosmos 2 rupture or intel shift was Darwinian revo how humans though about themselves outerly different then animals we had a soul a privledged category of being Darwin showed connected with rest of creation decentralizing and barrier of 3 freud clinical practice not all what we think is conscious desires hidden from us Destablziing sense of ourslelves as center of the world Making the strange familiar and the familiar strangemelford spiro Nacirema Horace miner American backwards not from America coming in with a new set of ideas and looking at their daily bathroom routine shows ant overly interpret out their daily lives not doing what a ant does outsider view but not asking people what there take on the world may be Ant knowledge promotes and facilitate cross cultureal understanding How do what to do
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