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ANT100 MARCH 8 2012 LECTURE CONTD FROM LAST WEEK STUDY WOMENS RELGOUS PRACTICE CALLED ZAR ABOUT SPIRIT POSSESION FOCUS IN ON SPIRTUALIZATION CULT FEW MEN LOTS WOMEN MADE CLEAR NEED TO KNOW ABOUT WAS FEMALE CIRCUMCISION IN WEST POPULARIZED IN MEDIA AND CALLED FEMALE GENIITAL MUTILATION THEY CALL IT FEMALE GENITAL CUTTING CONFRON THIS BC SEASON CIRCUMCISE BOYS AND GIRLS AND GET THEM KIDS 6 TO 10 NOWADAYS GIRLS ARE OPERATED ON LOCAL ANESTHITIC THEY ARE NOT IN PAIN MUCH MORE CONCERNED ANTRO PIECE TOGTHER WORLD VIEW HOW IS PRACTICE THINKABLE AND DOABLE MANY FAMILIES HAVE STOPPED THIS OPERATION ON GIRLS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH ISLAM THNOT AS ISLAMIC AS CHRISTMAS TREES ARE CHRISTIAN 5 CENTURY DESCRIBED THESE TODAY PREDATES ISLAM TO THE AREA BEFORE WERE CHRISTIANS BEFORE THE CIV 350 BC AND 350 AD GENDER MODIFICATION WHEN THERE ASKED QUESTIONS SAW SEVERAL OPERATIONS TO UNDERSTAND THEM CONSTANTLY ASKED THEM WHY DID YOU DO THIS ALL ANSWERS WERE BLAND BC IT IS OUR PRACTICE OR TRAD ANOTHER IS BC IT MAKES BODY CLEAN PURE AND SMOOTH DISMISSED AS ANOTHER OPAQUW RESPONSE A FORM OF FEMALE SUBORDIANTION PURE CLEAN AND SMOOTH IN THERE CONTEXT AND WHAT IS WAS ALL ABOUT HOW ANTRO PERFORM SUCH ANALYSISTAHURPURIFICATIONrefer to both male and female genital cutting Female bodyinfabulation closing of external libia closing up more important then removal of cli Tahirpure Nazifclean NaimsmoothThen began to ask or pay attenetion to use of words in other context only other one for pure is for different kinds of birds Birds most assocatiated with tahir was pigeons they differed in range of contexts women in wedding dances pigeons going to market and perform pigeon dances wrap around cloth 9m called toup wrapped cloth around arm and dance like wings nubile girls and pigeons distinction between pigeons and chickens served chicken before not eat Tahir pure food and impure food chicken were dirty and pigeons were good thing pigeon broth like chicken soup did keep chickens bc they ate the eggs bc called pure for range of reasons Other birds were considered tahir the bird of Egypt cheeks of daughters marked as bird tract a scar similar water bird footprint on beach enhance beauty Another item is the ostrich egg Room slept in a adobe house corner of rafter were ostrich eggshells drained and in coreners they are things that are looked at to become pregnant they were prized egg shells for size smootheness clarity and cleaness womens belly very ancient Nubian practice use ostrich eggs in nile valley corpses of children ostrich eggshells
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