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ANT100 MARCH 29 2012 Haitian voodoo Slide people in white Post rev HaitiRole that voodoo Saints mapped on to deities and provided a cover for meeting anc actually getting the revo going 1804 revo and was cut off from rest if world European powers shuned them bc afraid rebellion would spreads and slace regimes in other colonies come to endVatican not send any clergy cut off from church as wellSo no new priest to take over for the old ones no infusion of religious info coming to HaitiAlso slaves had been preventive form being literate so few could actually read religious text left behind so spirit nations originated prior to rev differentiate and mia Spirit pantheonRepository of social memory personal and communal historyIn absence of written archive spirtirs manifest in body provide link in present and pasr embodied archiveSpirtits reefered to as iwa and ioa have human traits age sex family nations are larger then life but not other than life Karen brown mama lolaAre powerful bc spirits posses humans have powers slave masters did not classic case relgion became resource through which people overcome their repressionLwaembodied history brings history alive hrough human mediums show its relevance to the thpresent example cousin spirits peasant ancestors from 19 ceSo audience interact with spirits of past bc people possesefd not know what is going on Throough voodoo possession Haitians reserved historical consciousness enables people to live in present by exhibiting reliscane and resisting oppressionSame spirit many manifestations The ezili spiritsAre two diff manifestations of woman hood sexuality and reproductionEzili Fredaloud flirtatious French women stereotypical of upper clas Haitian women manifestation of maria dolorosa the virgin mary deaped in gold without child sex pod and virgin mary point of reflection the symbol is the heart symbolized romantic love and woman love and contempory painting the heart in necklace and tattoo and carrying a fan heart Ezili dantoBlack Haitian women parallel single mother devoted to children and hard work
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