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Lecture 4

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Ivan Kalmar

Linguistic Anthropology Lecture 4Language Society Freedom Language Culture and Freedom We covered that language both separates and unites us Can help us categorize the world and ourselves as a separate being It helps us label people so we can put them in these different classifications Chow else can we communicate as human beings How can we know that others classify themselves as separate beings as well Because they represent their psyche just as weI do Referring to the video at the beginning of the class in which a dog and man are dancing meringue But what about animals The dog in the video learned to dance just as a human would but does the dance mean the same to the man as to the dog Does he enjoy the rhythmLatin music We will cover conformity how language contributes to the fact that we obey and confirm How is it that human beings conform Think of basic inequalities why dont starving people just take from those who have more than enough Its an innate understanding that we dont want to misbehave Language and signifying behaviour in general limits what we can say think and do We are limited by our language and cant communicate easily beyond it This often happens below the level of our consciousness Limiting innovation preserves the social order It can be hegemonic if it makes people give their willing consent So how free are we Our world is governed by a system that we share how limiting is this Lecture ThemesLanguage varieties 1 Language dialect as well as language ideologies ideologies that influence what people think f as a language and as a dialect 2 Social variation accents hell tell us what his is sociolects social dialects registers varieties of languages that depend on formality like Lei versus tu in Italian Hegemony Three Approaches Manufacturing consent Conformity and resistance Incorporation
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