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ANT100Y - Social/Cultural Anthro Lecture # 3

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University of Toronto St. George

ANT100YSocialCultural Anthro Lecture3thThursday March 1512HorticulturalPastoral ContinuumFrom less socially complexRelatively egalitarianLow surplus productionResources circulate by simple kin group affiliation reciprocity o Different kinds of reciprocity To with intermediate forms to more socially complexMore hierarchicalModest surplus production for exchangeRanked kin groupsHereditary chiefs o Occupy an office an institutional form that outlasts the incumbent who is in that position at the time think of prime minister office o Born in to a position ascribed status a blood lineReciprocity and redistribution o Goods flow from periphery to center then redistributed out to a variety of groupsSocial complexityFrom being very minimal at top to far more elaborateChiefdomsLinks several ecological zonesCoordinate and distribution across zonesSurplus produced for exchangeKin groups ranked vis a vis each otherHereditary chief occupies an enduring officeBig Man vs Chief o Big manentrepreneur does not inherit his role focus for regional exchange not hereditary office maintains his position only as long as he can give things away needs resources to tie other people to him has to be persuasive to get prestige o Chiefclever at using his families resources to invest in other people makes contracts with others lend out animalsExample trobiand islandsExample Precolonial Hawaii o Rule of premageneter o Chief passed from a man to his first born son etc o Lineages ranked on basis of relative age ndo Elder vs 2 child etc o Chief was a deity o Chief can start wars defense
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