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University of Toronto St. George
Christopher Watts

ANT100Y1 January 26 2012Signifying Reality How Signs Construct the WorldSignification making sense making signsLinguistic and nonnonlinguistic signsThe nature of signs 1 Signifier and signified 2 Symbol icon and index 3 Denotation and connotationHow signs construct realityHow we construct our self language and other sign system help to construct our selfHomo sapiens human that knowsKnowing making sense reflecting representingTo make senseto signifysignifyStudy of signs signifying semioticsStudy of language linguisticsSemiotics the study of other signs and language semiotics properthe study of non linguistics signsand linguisticsFerdinand de Saussurean A Classic Saussurean View of SignificationWinding Road Ahead Sign Signifier the actual physical metal plate Signified the concept that a winding road is aheadIn English language the signifier is a signIn semiotics the signsignifiersignifiedThree Kinds of Semiotic Signs 1 Symbol 2 Icon 3 IndexIcons share some of their physical form shape sound etc with the referent PICTURESShared with the signifier and the signified with pictures we identify so much that the picture is not just representing but it is someone or somethingIndex indicates but does not like an icon that closely resemblesDo not share their form with the referentPoison sign skull skull is not poison but poison can kill and skull represents death POISON SIGNDont sound or like the same as the referent they indicate the present of the referentSymbol arbitrary no logical connection between a red cross and EnglandArbitrary relation to signified and the signifier referentConnected only via the system of signification Eg language
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