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Christopher Watts

ANT100Y1 October 27 2011Uncovering the Past Tools and TechniquesExpertise in variety of areas 1 Locate archeological sites areas of human habitation or where fossils are found2 Excavation techniquesProvenience information about where they were buried related to all other aspects is preserved Have to record before and after the removal of artifacts because it is destructiveMaterial culture the objects that people have and make Site formation process environmental and cultural factors that affect how and where materials are depositedMidden pile of refuse often shells in an archaeological siteLocation and refuse materials all part of material cultureMaterial culture functional social and aesthetic purposesLocating SitesFossil Locales those paces where the fossilized remains of animals are foundFossil an impression of an insect or leaf on a muddy or other surface that is now stoneFossilization process of becoming a fossil by the replacement of organic materials with an inorganic material mixAnimal diesDeterioratesTeethBones leftMinerals in ground may bind to these inorganic materialsHardens Fossil record is very incompleteTaphonomy the study of changes that occur to organisms or objects after being buried or depositedSurface techniques archaeological survey techniques for finding and assessing archaeological sites from surface finds aerial satellite walking
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