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ANT100 Linguistics Lecture 3 February 2 2012The Forms of Language Language creates separateness between humans and otherspart of human condition to think of ourselves as a separate being language is used to communicate to bridge the lonely separation between you and another person by talking Language also allows us to believe that the kinds of things you think are also the kinds of things that other people think Culture set of shared assumptions Outline Levels of linguistic language formTexts studied in discourse analysis What is a text EverythingSentences studied in syntaxWords studied in morphologyPhonemes studied in phonology Phones studied in phoneticsstudy of SOUND Structure of soundDiscourse analysis Text and context1 Any meaningful itemitems perceived as a unit could be a text from a book even a word2 A meaningful itemitems understood as not forming part of a larger item The play Hamlet is a text but this line to be or not to be is also a text Linguistic and nonlinguistic texts EVERYTHING is a TEXT and we can READ itEx Con Hall Front right seats are the TAs the most important seatsAlso same case for weddingsYou look at little elements try to interpret them
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