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Shawn Lehman

ndAnthropology March 22 Ambilineal affiliation is determined in each generation often at marriage then typically closed Eg precolonial Hawaii Choice depends on parents rank availability of landresources Cognatic a feeling of affiliation with bothDecent and SubsistenceMatrilineal societiesOften horticultural agriculturalmore in past eg Acient Nubia some herders some complex foragersCorrelated imperfectly with strong female role in subsistence especially farming Eg the Iroquois In Asia the linar household formation is typically around the relation of brothers and sisters the Asante twaric sahara area one of the few pastoralists that follow a matrilineal principleIn Sahelian Africa Indonesia India matrilineal principle has been eroded or added to by patrilineal influences of Christianity and muslim Patrilineal SocietiesHorticultural agricultural herdingCorrelated imperfectly with strong male role in defenseMore widespread than matrilineal today Ambilineal SocietiesHorticultural agricultural complex foragers eg Hawaii Samoa Maori Bisaya NW BorneoCorrelated imperfectly with restricted environments and competition for resourcesOptional affiliation often with a patrilineal tendency facilitates periodic redistribution of people and productive resources Hawaiian kin terms generationalEgoyour place in the family time lineCousin are in fact siblingsParents siblings are also parents to egoEmphasizes differences between generations and similarities withi nthem may also distinguish birth order ie rank andas here sex Boradly classificatory Common with Cognaticambiline descent groupsIn matrilineal and patrilineal societies much finer distinction are made between cousins as it may present marriage rules for example
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