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thAnthropology March 8Tahur PurificationRefers to both male and female genital cuttingFemale bodyinfibulationNazif clean Naim smoothOnly other context found for pure was found when people described birdsDistinction between pigeons and chickensDidnt eat chicken for a long time rather they ate the eggsConnection to beautypurity and fertilityOstrich egg shells placed in the room of a sleeping woman to enhance her chances of becoming pregnantClean foods pigeons ostrich eggs bring blood increase the amount of blood that flows through the bodyWhite flourmilk white cheesejigna bayda hens eggs oranges grapefruit watermelon bananas tinned fish tinned jam tinned tomato paste all clean foodConsumed anytime but especially during pregnancyWhen a woman gets married she has her first smoke bath the woman makes a holePurpose is to let your old skin come offGourds replaced scarce ostrich eggshellsUsed when dry and seeds can be heard to rattle insideStill similarwhiteness enclosedness cleanliness purity smoothness fertility Traditional GenderrolesMen farm or trade sorghumSome vegetables onions for saleWomen cook fetch water care for children Gulla st If a womanhad a miscarriage In the 1 trimester no one noticed but if she had a miscarriage in the second trimester and she had to employ the services of a midwife the fetus would be placed in a white cloth and put in a guilla and buried in the kitchen Gender human fertility substinence Matrix of symbolism GullaMale Female Kisra breadSorghumseedwaterheat Wombbody of child seed done most substantfluids blood
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