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University of Toronto St. George
Shawn Lehman

Dating techniques Radiocarbon 14 c datingRadioactive isotope or variety of carbon which forms in the atmosphereAbsorbed by plants during photosynthesisAbsorbed by animsals when they eat plantsAfter death 14c decays at a known rate its half life573040 yearsLibbys calculations were based on a curve of knowsCompared egytian treering and historical data to radiocarbon samples Analysis and interpretation rdANT100 lecture 2 November 3 2011Data processingCleaningConservation depends on artifact classCataloguing Data OrganizationInvolves classification Process by which we assign items to catagories classes in a prearranged systemRules determine whether an item belongs or does not belong to a classOne popular method of classification and analysis is through the use of a typologyTypology Classification of artifact states based on some criterion or criteriaTypically we distinguish betweenArtifacts which include itemds made from stonelithicsclayceramicsmetalboneFaunal and plantseg baskets wooden toolsAnd ecofacts which include faunal remainsanimal bones not used for tolls and floral remains plant materials not used as tools AnalysisLithic toolsDisplay evidence of reductionCan be further subdivided into chipped or flaked lithic tools ground stone toolsFlaked Lithic ToolsFlintknapping one of the earliest industrial artsEmerged with homo habilis some 25 mya
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