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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - Evolutionary Anthropology (1) September 20th 2012.docx

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Shawn Lehman

Lecture Two: Evolutionary Anthropology (1) September 20 , 2012 Professor is Shawn Lehman.  Office AP404, Tuesdays 2:00 – 3:00 Can take photographs of slides (no flash)  PowerPoint’s will not be posted online. Historical development of biological science:  Diversity of Life  Fundamental biological concepts  it’s about geology, water, climate and life Watched the Symphony of Science  Application of modern evolutionary theory to study morphology, ecology, and behaviour of human and non-human primates. Primatology:  Studies wild animals  We (Homo Sapiens) have minor genetic differences from monkeys Paleoanthropology:  Study of fossils Human Variation:  Spatial and temporal differences in people  skin colour, eye colour, etc. Medical Anthropology:  How it influences health  Obese children vs. starving children, etc. Forensic Anthropology:  Skeletal remains; learn age, sex, stature, ancestry, etc. “Why is evolution influencing us?”  looking for evolutionary records of us (Stanley Gathered Few Trophies Racing Slow Rabbits)  Scientific Method 4 Problems limited development theory:  Lack of knowledge of age of earth  Religious concepts  Lack of scientific met
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