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new ideas, new worlds

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University of Toronto St. George
Christopher Watts

New ideas, New worlds Lecture 4 nov,182010 colonization: australia - colonization of australia by at least 40kya, denitely with use of watercraft - Willandra Lakes Region (SE australia- NSW) -evidence of human settlement between 37 and 26 kya; shell middens and campsites The 1st americans - some debate as to when people 1st arrived in the americas - arch. evidence- likely ca. 15thousand yrs ago; passage south by 14kya - Beringia (landmass linking NE Asia with Alaska) - now the Bering Sea -Tracking migrating herds of caribou? Paleoindians -dated to between 14-18kya -famous for uted-point technology known as Clovis -originally associated with big game hunting, no w believed they also took bison and caribou, sh, sea-mammals -opportunistic and very mobile; settled in a diverse array of environments Early site: Monte Verde (chile) -dnitely occupied by 14kya; may have been occupied as early as 31kya - good preservation of bone and wooden artifacts; wooden houses covered with hides - emphasis on plant foods (ex. potato) After the paleotlithic -between ca. 20 and 14 kya, we see the following changes; -glaciers retreat sea levels rise -temp. increase -humidity increase -some plant and animal species disappear (ex. Megafauna in the Americas) -many groups adapted by broadening their resource bases -example, Mesolithic groups in Europe, Near East -increased use of sh, shellsh, small mammals, seeds and nuts -later, people began to INTENSIFY their exploitation of certain resources -example, 8000BC in the near east (South west asia) - example, 7000BC in Mesoamerica
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