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Pelvis and lower limb lec 5 ant334 10/10/2012 5:42:00 AM In order to walk/gate successfully need four joints with the most movement during walking:  Hip(abduction),knee(adduction),ankle(flexion), big toe (extending) Toddlers bounce due to narrower pelvis,shorter stride The pelvic ring  Sacrum: wings = ala, and sarcral plateau  Pubic tubercle  Obturator foramen: muscles go through huge hole in os coxae don’t want it fully closed it would weigh you down  Sub pubic angle o Narrow : male, narrower sacrum wings o Wide : female, wide sacrum and wings  Schyatic notch is broad in female  At puberty specific growth hormones stimulate pelvic growth  Top of illium = late ossification centre fuses at 25,, looks bumpy  16 years old: note surfaces for triradiate and other acetabular ossification centers  hip bone has a lot of action in developmental milestones  acetabular fossa – shallow grooce o articualr fossa for the femur does not take up the whole o attachement sites on ilium,ischium,pubis o auricular surface of the ilium is where the sacrum attaches : ear shaped estimating age of death here  Joint types within the pelvis o Acetabulum (synovial – cartilage on both sides and fluid in the capsule) – ball and socket : lots of movement o Pubic symphysis ( fibrocartilage with hyaline component) : limited movement
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