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Lecture 3

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Shawn Lehman

ANT100Y1 Lecture III – Primate Behavior and Ecology  What are primates?  Warm-blooded mammals (have hair and feed milk to its young); differs by: o Grasping hands and feet, collarbone (clavicle), radius/ulna, forward facing eyes and stereoscopic vision (depth perception!!!)  Activity patterns: diurnal (day), nocturnal, crepuscular (twilight), cathemeral (all the time)  Strepsirhine characteristics: o Dental tooth comb, moist rhinarium (nose), unfused mandibular and frontal symphases, Tapetum lucidum (reflects light so they can see in the night), postorbital bar o Two superfamilies: Lemuroidea and Lorisoidea  Lemuroidea Info: o Madagascar and Comoro islands o Arboreal quadrupeds and leapers; some are partially terrestrial o Many small ones are nocturnal o Female dominance; varied diet  Lorisoidea Info: o Sub-Saharan Africa, India, and Southeast Asia o Lorises and galagos o Arboreal quadrupeds o Nocturnal (large eyes); varied diet  Haplorhine characteristics: o Dry noses, retinal fovea (allow us to see across color spectrum), postorbital closure, fused mandibular and frontal symphases o Three infraorders: Tarsiiformes, Platyrrhini, and Catarrhini  Tarsiiformes Info: o One genus (Tarsius) o Found in Southeast Asia (Philippines) o Small body size (80-130 g) o Large eyes with fused lower leg bones o Entirely faunivorous (only eat meat!!!)  Platyrrhines (Neotropical monkeys) Info: o Central/South America o Body mass 110 g - 11.4 kg o Cebidae, Atelidae, and Callitrichidae o Prehensile tail in few species o Mostly entirely arboreal  Catarrhines (Old World Monkeys and Apes) Info: o Africa, Asia, Southeast Asia o Body mass 1 kg – 175 kg o Cercopithecidae, Hylobatidae, and Hominidae o Variety
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