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Ivan Kalmar

Lecture 1 September 16 , 2010  Roots of anthropology derive from looking at other human beings different from us th  Kant says anthropology is defined as characteristics different from people (19 century)  Deep colonial roots o Europe, North America, Australia  Who are we dominating?  The western civilization was considered on a higher level  After studying others, we study our own self through the same methods  Anthropological Revolution or „decentering‟ = to look at ourselves as if we were the other  Old anthropologists look others as organisms o Used physical descriptions to describe people o Historical anthropology divided into four (including physical) Social/Cultural (after reading week)  Diversity of human behavior in present and recent past  Ethnography – description of society‟s way of life (economy, tradition, focusing on Sudan)  International customs, rights, rituals - Appreciate one‟s behavior shaped by culture - Culture: learned sets of ideas and behavior acquired by people and members of society Biological Anthropology (Dr. Shawn Lehman)  Evolutionary anthro. o Application of modern evolutionary theory to studies of the morphology, ecology, and behavior of human and non-human primates  Natural selection – we are daily subject to changes of nature 1. Primatology – non-human study (essay) – question of culture or protocol culture of chimpanzees 2. Paleoanthropology – creatures fossils that are extinct things (not dinosaurs) (essay) – validity of species designation for the Flores fossils (hobbits) – evolution has no good, no end result 3. Human Variation – can be tied back to natural selection 4. Medical Anthropology – What does it mean to be sick? Why are we so
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