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University of Toronto St. George
Shawn Lehman

ANT100 Sept 20 Includes evolution, land formation, water, climate, and life. Evolutionary athro: human evolution, behaviour, ecology within the framework constructed by evolutionary biology. (Morphology) 5 research disciplines: 1 Primatology: scientific study of our closest non-human relatives (chimps) (primates) 2 Paleoantrhoplogy: biological evolution for humans and non-human primates. They study fossil material representative of our earliest primates or ancestors. 3 Human variation: Spatial and temporal variation in human features. (Body size, skin colour, eye colour) 4 Medical anthro: How humans associate disease and health. (i.e.: how can we have starving children and morbidly obese children in different parts of the world?) Social, environmental, and biological factors affect health 5 Forensic anthro: Focuses on skeletal remains of humans. Seek to determine age sex from skeletons. Anthro Scientific Method -Stanley gathered few trophies racing slow rabbits State problem Gather information Form a hypothesis Test hypothesis Record and analyze data State the conclusion Repeat work. 4 problems limited development of theory of evolution 1 lack of knowledge on age of earth: In 1650. Earth created on Oct 23 4004 BC. Accepted because church pronouncement’s held as secular and religious laws. To challenge it, you challenge the church. 2 Religious concept of fixity of species: We were created as Adam and Eve. God made us this way and we were unchangeable. 3 Lack of scientific method: People could write whatever they want without having a standard of proving a hypothesis. People made up totally random theories. 4 Religious notion of separate creation of human and animals: God made us, so we are more divine than animals. We were a ‘perfect model’ created by god. Carolus Linnaeus (Karl von Linne, 1707-1778): Came up with a way of organizing plant diversity on basis of physical resemblances, species grouped into broader categories called genera. (Singular genus) He was a Christian, no evolutionist. He believed he was cataloging god’s work. Scala Naturae (nature’s ladder)  Binomial nomenclature: system of writing down names of species: written in Latin, first letter of genus is capitalized, species always in lower case, and underline when written or italicized when typed Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon (1707-1788): Founded biogeographies, despite similar environments, different regions have distinct plants and animals. Founded that the earth is older than 6,000 years old. Jean-Baptiste Lamarck (1744-1829): Came up with the first model that explained how new species came into being: theory of inheritance of acquired characteristics. He theorized that human have vital juices inside them and under ex
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