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th Anthropology Sept 13 th  Anthropology developed in the 19 century in the western world  Anthropologist interpreted what was beyond the western world  Reported what the people looked like historically (physical). What was the intellectual capability of these people  Linguist studied the languages  Social anthropologist came back to talk about the habits and culture of the native people ANT100Y, Section 1: Evolutionary Anthropology  Application of modern evolutionary theory to studies of the morphology, ecology, and behavior of human and non-human primates 5 Research Disciplines of anthro  Primatology (Scientific study of non-human primates)  Primatologist seek to conserve primates  Paleoanthropology (Biological evolution of humans and non-human primates). Advent of and changes in human cultural activities  Human Variation (Spatial and temporal variations in human features) For example, geographic and climatic variations in body size, skin colour, and eye colour.  Medical Anthropology (Why has the heart not reached perfection, when it had so long to evolve?) Why are there still viruses and sickness.  Forensic Anthropology (Strong connection to popular culture and media). Semiotic  Means language and signs (sign is anything that represents something else eg. Dog, puppy, picture of a dog)  Communication , identity and representation goes together  Identification by language is a 19 century Soci
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