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Jan 20 Lecture Notes

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Janice Boddy

January 20 2014 Pottery Neolithic – 8,500-7,000 BP - Chipped stone – fewer points – notched sickle blades – no standardized blade production - Pottery – small jars and bowls - Domestication continues – add cattle - Fewer sites – tend to be smaller – still large sites though - Small settlements spread across – larger courtyards – buildings further apart - People of pre-pottery b – may have severely impacted their surroundings – limited empirical evidence – human induced catastrophe – induced by activities of the land and its productivity – land no longer able to support people – what could they have done to the land to make it this way – ceramic? – burns a lot of fuel – deforestation – massive erosion – can’t support crops – plaster was used to treatment of the inside of houses – but also loved it – symbolic – people’s ritual, or customs of renewal that aren’t functional and led to an environmental collapse – prof not entirely convinced – social tension became more than could be buffered – crowding – resistance to that - Inheritance – what if there are three children that want a house – how much can you split things - Shift towards dependence on domesticated animals – small dispersed household – pastoralism - Nature of production does not involved high degree of specialization – dispersed groups but have relationships – somewhat independent - Catal Hoyuk – James – frescoes – plaster walls – figures of people – vultures – bull horns – every house that he excavated looked like a temple – full of ritual behaviour – paintings – vulture skulls in walls of house – speculation about what it means – special function site – religion, ritual and space – Ian Hodder re-excavate – is there a separation between ritual and the household – a place we go for ritual activities – churches – in the Neolithic are we seeing that ritual becomes embedded in the everyday household – haven’t separated or are there special ritual sites - Giant site on hill – intensive investment in construction – beyond needs - People may have brought the rituals in their homes and out the effort there, made like temples - Relationship between domestic and ritual space - What does it mean when there is a corpse buried in a house - Storing bodies? Storing souls? – just like storing food? Mesolithic Europe - Lepinski Vir – 8,400-7,600 years ago – houses are weird – triangle – buried people seated – sculptures or gods – fish – associated with houses – hunter-gatherer European January 20 2014 - Franchthi Cave – Greece – trade for obsidian from island of Melos – fishing large deep sea fish – broad spectrum adaptation – before agriculture arrives - Spread through Europe – 6,500 bs southeastern Europe – 5,500 bs central and western eruope – 5,000 bc most of western Europe – domestication spreads from the middle east – does not develop on its own - Did farming spread as an idea – local hunter-gatherers in contact adopted it – or was there an expansion of population into Europe – people want to own their own land – did this spread of plants and animals also involve the spread of people who replaced the indigenous people – maybe hunter-gatherers were incorporated with the new-comers - Way of life, culture and language that was spreading – Indo-European language - Spread of languages tied with the spread of agriculture? - Linearbandkeramik – begins 5200 bc – around same time of agriculture – European culture – not directly derived from southern – looks middle eastern – Linear Band Keramik – long houses – earliest farmers on the plane – new technologies for building – houses are very important – social organization – fundamental innovation in what a settle society is – by local peoples or is it by farmers coming from southeastern – can’t use mud brick so adapt – result of the interaction between these two groups – new way of life - Plants for medicinal or hallu
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