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ANT200Y1Y Lecture 22 Aug 07

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University of Toronto St. George
Emma Humphrey

ANT200Y1Y L22 Aug 07 2014 o 4 m high granite shaft pillar carved in form of fanged deity Jaguar imagery The AndesMay have been centre for oracles or other ritualsContinues from the cotton preceramic society o Seasonally to get divinationsconnections tospirit world Setting o No evidence of feastingPrivate rituals based on sensory experience o Drizzle water thru drainagesound of water going thru building canals sounds like jaguar roaring o Feels like making connection w divine presenceChvin Horizon Andes envt varies considerably o Dry desert on coast w small patches of arable land yomasrich marine life o High peaks of Andesmountain valleysagriculture o Tropical lowlands of Amazon Basin eastHallmark of Andean civilisation is the combining of these Chavin influencehad Chavin iconography different envtalcultural landscapesInitial population500Series of cultural expressionssmaller empires culminating o no more than 1000 at time of expansion of temple at in the Tawantinsuyu 500 BCE 2500 BP o four parts coming togethero more ppl and ppl travelling from innerlands o Incan Empire absorbs other culturesheterogeneous empireArt depicts items native to east Amazon lowlands other sideof Andes Incan Predecessors Chvin de Huntar o Snakes eagles jaguars caymans o Crops of manioc bottle gourd hot peppersCeremonial centre located in narrow valley in highlands ofCan only grow in tropical envts Peru o elevation of 3150 m aslCentre not founded by migrants from east o Must be accessed by foot o Not clear what underlies the connections not political o Nearby rivers not navigable by boats o Why no representation of Amazonian culture o Whereas cotton preceramicpeaceful easy to enter on anywhere and just representation of Chavin culture desertArtefacts in Chvin style found throughout highlands Represents turning pt in development of social coastal areas complexity in Andes o ex Textiles sculptures o very good preservation in desertMajor ceremonial centre in Andean highland o tapestries blankets o built c 900 BCE 2900 BP o Hard to grow food up hereReligions systems aiding in social complexity o Increased tensions btwn ppl who couldcoud notSite neither an urban centre nor a state core access ritual spaceComplex surrounded by massive wall w stone busts o Able to enforce power outside region projecting outAs seen in artefacts styles o Ex many jaguar heads o Not based on or warbased on spread of cult LanznInner temple The NascaNascaIca valleys southern coast of Peru2000 BPNasca Lines o Large patterns created on desert flooro Usually animals sometimes humans straight lines Ex hummingbird spider monkeys o Stretch for miles Largely only visible from aboveIn open areas to east circular courtyard sunken intoCommunication w aliens groundleads to intersection of 2 galleries Priest accessSome revealed due to sandstorms only and in centre lies the Lanzn o Created by moving rocks to expose ground o Eerie experiential phenomenonentering Lanzon
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