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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 - Ch. 11, Mesopotamia & Egypt

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Christopher Watts

Lecture 7MesopotamiaEgyptMonday October 31 2011614 PM Mesopotamia Now southern IraqThis is where we see the first citiesAgriculturecould not be sustained without itTwo major river systems Tigris and Euphrates empty into Persian GulfTether to these rivers need for potable water and for agriculture Not deeply entrenched they meander Most fertile soils are near rivers and very conducive have lots of nutrients alluvial plainso no coincidence that we see cities in this plainThe problem is that its very hot there so a lot of the water evaporates so they tried to irrigate but the drawback is that salt is left behind and after a while leads to salinizationwhich makes soil less productive after timeWheat barley lentils and peasSheep goats and cattleUses the plants and animals were crucial they have a lengthy history in this part of the world These are not hgs these are agriculturalists that have been there for a long time tending to livestockFirst signs of dramatic shift 5500 BC Formative
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