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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 - Ch. 12 (pp. 346-359), Complex Society in South & East Asia

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Christopher Watts

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Lecture 8Complex Society in SouthEast AsiaMonday November 14 2011608 PM Harappan CivilizationEnvironmental ContextoIndus River ValleyEastern PakistanWestern IndiaTotal length is 3200 km oJulySept floodsmassive silt deposits capped sitesfloods are devastating Similar to Mesopotamia oVillage settlements tethered to river by ca 3000 BC widespread irrigation by 2500 BCEarly Stage ca 32002700 BCoWalled towns defense flood controls oLowlandHighland Baluchistan symbiosis living togetherMetals timber semiprecious stonesTranshumance Transfer of livestock like goats and sheep from one grazing ground to another as from lowlands to highlands with the changing of seasonsoRapid transition to complexity in lowlands after 2600 BC Material culture becomes more uniform across IVC Indus Valley CivilizationTied to Sumerian tradeIndigenous development Mature Stage ca 27001700 BCoTerritorial state 13 million km oHeavily urbanized five major citiesBest known are Mohenjodaro and HarappaCentralized planning laid out on grid systemEmphasis on hygiene wells fresh water toilets waster water being taken outPublic buildings but few palaces and ostentatious tombs We dont see great public expense to build large ostentatious tombs like in Egypt MohenjodarooLargest 25 km first constructed ca 2600 BC oMajor admin centre pop 35 000
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