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Lecture 10

Lecture 10 - Mesoamerica continued + Ch. 14, Complex Society in South America

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Christopher Watts

Lecture 10Mesoamerica continuedCh 14 Complex Society in South AmericaMonday November 28 2011612 PMTerm Test 1Next Monday Dec 5 6730 pm Test and Exam Centre 255 McCaul St Room 200 Coverage all lecture content and assigned textbook readings including article 50 Multiple Choice Highland MesoamericaValley of MexicooTeotihuacn citystate ca 200 BCAD 750oToltec Empire ca AD 6501200oAztec Empire ca AD 12001521 Site of Teotihuacn ca 200 BCAD 750oValley of Mexico ca 40 km NE of Mexico CityVery dry no fresh water running in or out oMassive urbanized citystate 21 km largest one weve seen so far in this courseAD 100 80 000 inhabitantsAD 200600150 000 inhabitants oSignificant urban planning and monumental architectureGrids quadrants elite members living atop mound structures craftsmen living in barriosStreet of the Dead focal NS axis like Yonge Street600 pyramids500 workshopsobsidian ceramics precious stones etc2000 apartments complexesUrban implosion ethnic barriosPeople would have come from other places to work hereGreat marketplace and other plazasNo fortificationsNo protective walls like is Mesopotamia and ChinaPyramid of the Sun and Pyramid of the MoonPyramid of the Sun 200 m long sides 60 m high interior filled with rubbleSame foundation length as the Pyramid of Khufu but half the heightPyramid of the Moon 150 m long sides 45 m high with inset trapezoidal platformsCuidadelaArea for public gatherings just off the Street of the Dead oDecline after AD 600Environmental collapse
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