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Australia and New World

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University of Toronto St. George
Michael Chazan

Monday November 29, 2010 Prof. Chazan ANT 200 Introduction to Archaeology Australia and the New World How do people construct their ideas of the world around them? Interested in all levels of time Thermolminescence Dating - Time Range 40-200k BP - Picks up where C-14 leaves off - Measures the light energy of electrons trapped in crystal latices of minerals - These electrons are absorbed at a set rate in a given location - Heating releases these electrons ‘resetting’ the clock - The build up of electrons in these traps is at a constant steady rate - Can measure how many electrons have built up by heating them and measuring the light emitted - BUT any time that sample is heated (naturally) the clock is set to zero! - Both neanderthals and modern humans used A LOT of fire - The TL measured in burnt flint dates the burning of flint - Not a global constant accumulation - Dosimeters are used to measure local uptake conditions Tale of Two Hominins: The Middle Paleolithic of the Levant - Modern humans - Dates ca 100,000 years ago - Industry: Middle Paleolithich (Levallois) - Sites: Qafzeh, Skhul --- - Neanderthals - Dates >100,000 and 60,000 years ago - Industry: Middle Paleolithich (Levallois) Monday November 29, 2010 Prof. Chazan ANT 200 Introduction to Archaeology Australia and the New World - Sites: Kebara, Amud, Shanidar, Tabun - no case of neanderthals in same stratigraphic sequence as humans - modern humans EARLIER than neanderthals - Neanderthals evolved in Europe starting around 200,000 ya - Homo sapiens in Africa around 200,000 ya - Modern human presence in levant means that there was an expansion - 50,000 the neanderthals expanded - Did these populations ever interact? - No idea! - perhaps an overlap or perhaps a push and pull - Made more or less the same kind of tools - Not so much of a surprise. A lot of overlap Kebara Cave, Israel - Excavated by Ofer Bar-Yosef and Bernard Vandermeersch - Neanderthal skeleton in burial - Levallois points - Stratified hearths - fairly complete neanderthal skeleton found How can the middle Paleolithic sequence in the Near East be explained? - What happens 40 kya when there is an expansion of modern humans out of africa into Europe - Eventually results in either extinction of neanderthals or interbreeding - Why 40 kya? - what took place at that moment - If modern humans replaced neanderthals what was their advantage? Monday November 29, 2010 Prof. Chazan ANT 200 Introduction to Archaeology Australia and the New World - Why do we se in the middle to upper Paleolithic transition when modern humans move across continent do we find art that is completely unprecedented in europe AND africa? - Why don’t we see this among early modern humans in africa earlier on? Katanda - sophisticated bone tools Blombos Cave - incised ochre European Upper Paleolithich Sequence - When we get to upper paleolithic we see sequence of cultures that changes relatively rapidly - Aurignacian - Gravettian - Solutrean - Magdalenian - Lascaux cave Dispersal vs Radiation - in east asia homo erectus sticks around for a long time - Eventual spread of modern humans into asia and down into Australia Indonesia Flores - never attached to mainland southeast asia Monday November 29, 2010
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