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Michael Chazan

ANT 200Y1 Lecture 2  GPS o Global positioning system  GIS o Geographic Information system  Software packages that allow us to control and correlate tracking data  Takes different layers  3 coordinates, geo-reference them  Rubber sheeting  Stretch them out and sit on top of the other  Massively useful for the management of information  Can translate this into 3 dimensional models  Predicting  Why Survey? o Find sites  How?  Talk to people  Do history  What/how to look  Different depending on site o Could be grassy or more difficult  Look for erosion  Test pitting  Field walking  Why?  To make sure you’re not going to destroy anything  Set up for excavation o Find patterns  Method of research in and of itself  Can learn things that we can’t learn from excavation  Patterning of how people use the landscape  Ex: hunter gatherer o Base camp central, radiate out for tasks o Seasonal camps in a rotation  What can we predict? o May find specialized camp o Redundancy in seasonal camps o Might not find that by excavating one camp but by survey  Ex: urban societies o Urban centre with towns and then villages encircling it  Argument: not enough to just look at the urban centre but how it sits in the rest of the area  How society organizes space o The Pub Effect 
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