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lecture notes 7

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Maryam Nargolwalla

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Primate Adaptations lecture 07Taxonomic differences in primate crania Cranial morphologyo Sizeo Postorbital barclosureo Surface structures Dental morphologyo Dental formulao Tooth sizeo Tooth morphology Dietary adaptation Taxonspecific morphology eg gap for rhinarium toothcomb bilophodonty Y5Taxonomic differences Strepsirhines vs Haplorhines Postorbital barplate Tooth comb gap forrhinariumwet padded nose Strepsirhineseye socket is not fully closed tooth comb only 6 teeth make up comb Haplorhines there is full closure around the eye Taxonomy dental formulaStrepsirhines 2133 except lepilemurs indriids Daub
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