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University of Toronto St. George
Xueda Song

Guest Lecture NOTE discrepancies with textbooklearn textbook versionFinding fossilsexcavation salvage surveyskulls in the field usually found in loads of pieces having been deconstructed y geological processestaphonomy and how the fossil was originally deposedreconstruct environmentplant fossils eg date pitsoften found in connection with primates palm leaf tree rootscontext of where bones are founds is keyPaleoecology Rudabanyaunderstanding our evolution requires understanding the nature of our ancestorsMioceneLate11555 myaPrecursors to Asian apesSivapithecusIndiaPakistanin Asian ape lineagemodern great apesimilar jawtooth structure to great ape taxa esp Australopithecenes coincidentalanalogoushave the jaw of a baby as well as of an adult male with milk teethbecause of tooth structure can know age of death 3 years oldage of M1 eruption first molar is strongly controlled genetically correlated to ultimate brain size age of fertility number of offspring in a year life span etc life historyindicates growth pattern similar to chimpanzees unlike Proconsul and coslower growthlimbsapelike elbow full extension arms longer than legs etcLufengpithecus 95 MyaSouthern Chinaone of the forms associated with Orangutans genus Pongoradiation of these speciescrenulated molarsmaybe more closely related to Orangutans than Sivapithecuslong curved phalanges suggesting suspension
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