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Premodern HumansPleistoceneaka the Ice Age marked by advances and retreats of massive continental glaciations in northern latitudes esp Europe Northern Asiaat least 15 major and 50 minor glacial advances documented in Europeclimate flora and fauna shifts impacted homininschanging Pleistocene environments in Africamap contrasting interglacial increased rainfall and glacial reduced rainfall increased aridity expansion of deserts periods so drying not glaciers in Africathe extent of the Sahara during Pleistocene glacial events would prevent movement Northmovement out of Africa occurs during interglacial periodschanging environments in Eurasiapopulations are moving south of the glaciers namely the Scandinavian continental glacier during glacial period movement north is possible during the interglacial periodthese geological events are a major factor in when and where hominins can disperseWhat were the earliest premodern humans likeH erectus characteristicslarge face projecting brows low forehead thick cranial vaultwith more modern conditionsincreased brain size 11001200 cc more rounded braincase parietal expansion more vertical nose less angled occipitalMiddle Pleistocene Homininskey premodern human fossils from Africa see also tableHomo heidelbergensis Kabwe Broken Hill600000125000 yamassive browridgelow vaultprominent occipital torusHomo heidelbergensis Bodo600000 ya earliest evidence of Homo heidelbergensis in Africacut marks indicate defleshing of the specimenscannibalism or just ritual postmortem behaviourkey premodern human fossils from Europe see also tableHomo heidelbergensis Sima de los Huesos Spain600 500000400000 ya cavesame area as Gran Dolinaearliest heidelbergensis of 850000 ya or antecessor
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