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Xueda Song

Emergence of HomoAnnouncementsfilm available onlinetest next week same roomtime as last oneformat23 multiple choice13 matching fill in the blank definition maybe identifying the hominin from a descriptioncontent key themeslocomotion esp re anatomical features and which change along with the shift from quadrupedalism to bipedalismadaptation esp re dietrelates to cranial features teethanatomical change over time relative size proportions crania ex cranial capacity facial morphologydatesranges specific dates would relate to specific fossil eg date for Lucyprimitive vs derived traits humanlike vs apelike traitspattern of human mosaic evolution major shiftsanatomical changeex locomotion encephalizationgeneral understanding of interspecies variation within a given specieslines of evidence that paleoanthropologists use to reconstruct the lifeways of a hominineg dating techniques taphonomic processes paleoecology etc chapters 912 9 is less than a quarter least importantguest chaptermiocene only need to know what overlaps between text and lectureknow where the fossils come from generally eg South Africahave a sense of cranial capacity range esp 327 345 appendix See timeline of African Hominins first Homo around 2 myaRecall Four main events in human evolutionarboreal to terrestrialbipedalismencephalizationculturecivilizationChanges with Homo 25 myaBrain sizeBody size and proportionsLife history schedule becoming more humanlike esp in childhoodSubsistence behaviour
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