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University of Toronto St. George
Xueda Song

Life in the Trees and Social ClimbersSlender Lorissuborder Strepsirhini found in Southern IndiaDietfruit berries and insectsMarking territorydrops of urine on trees also covers its hands in urine for leaving trail of scent possibly also a better grip due to stickinesshuntingstealth moves very slowly and quietlyLesser Bush Baby Galagosuborder Strepsirhinifound in Africamarking territory scent marking with urinemode of locomotion vertical clinging and leapingwhereas Lorises use stealth to hunt galagos use speed can jump up to 30x their body lengthGolden Bamboo Lemursuborder Strepsirhinifound in Madagascardietary adaptations highly specializedlives on a part of the bamboo plantthe piththat is usually poisonouseats 12x as much cyanide as would kill another animalsSifakasuborder strepsirhinifound in Madagascareats flowers of spiny plantDideriavertical clinging and leaping in trees very quicklong and narrow back feet with huge big toe to lock onto tree trunkson the groundbecause of length of legs cant run on all foursinstead jump but since there are no trunks to push off from the jumps are quite shortGibbonParvorder CatarrhineSuperfamily Homonoid Family Hylobatidfound in SouthEast Asialocomotionfastest arboreal primate jump about as far as a Sifaka but fastercan catch a bird in midair
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