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PRIMATE ADAPTATIONS continuedPostcranial skeleton of nh primates cntd to determine morphologycranial skeleton think of brains and dietspostcranial think in terms of locomotionon primate forelimbshuman humerus large joint surface at shoulderindicates either a large amount of mobility or weightbearinggorilla humerus also a large joint surface at shoulderimportant for both mobility and weight bearing knuckle walkingcurved robust bonedistal end when articulated with the ulnaelbows capable of hyperextension baboon humerusimagine if arboreal and running through the trees pronograderestricted shoulder joint cannot lift arms above head like apes humans and a few monkeys candistal end elbow joint remains prevents full extension always flexedroughened part of cortical bone on humerus indicates attachment site for deltoidsnot huge in humans since we dont hang from trees oftenvery large in orangutans and other apes howeverradiihumans fairly shortproximal end very circular large joint surfacegorillaother great apes significantly longer and a bit curvedproximal end as in humans is very circular and has a large joint surface for a good range of elbow rotationbaboon very small since they arent forelimb dominantproximal end in baboon is not very largedistalhumans fairly large because must articulate with a number of bones at the wristgreat apes very large baboon small joint surface even to scalehaving a broad range of motion in the wrist is not particularly beneficial for running through treestiny projection process of bone because the wrist articulates with both the radius and the ulnain humans and great apes large attachment site for biceps
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