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Xueda Song

SURVEY OF LIVING PRIMATES continuedCeropithecoids OW Monkeysfrom last lectureAsia and Africarelatively social larger groups vary depending on access to resourcesdiurnalon average larger than platyrrhinesderived dentition cusp arrangementdiverse diet omnivorousCercopithecinesmore generalized of 2 groupsless specialized in terms of diet broad rangefruit seeds grass insects eggs reptiles small mammalsmost found in Africa but Macaques are widely distributed throughout Asia and Africa also Gibraltar but introducedthose in Gibraltar are the only tailless monkeys most northern distribution of any living primate other than humanstend to have roughly equal limb lengthmany terrestrialex Patas monkey ErythrocebusWestern and Eastern Africafound in semiarid conditionsdont have trees to escape from predators so have adapted to run up to 55 kmh on the groundvery large group sizes 50100 individuals also useful for fighting off terrestrial predetorsGuenon Cercopithecusfrugivorous eats fruitsmall body sizedependent on forested conditions more arborealmoderate degree of sexual dimorphism males slightly largerlive in large multispecies groups species of Guenon Baboons Papiooften used as models for early human evolution bc of social structure very large groups with complex interactionsvery sexually dimorphicomnivorous seeds grass etcdogfaced pronounced snoutsMandrill Mandrillusvery similar to baboons but bright coloured facesexually dimorphic and dichromaticColobines
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